One of the things I liked about Commander Koehl was he would answer any questions you asked him. One time I asked him the question, "Is people pleasing wrong?" He replied, " It depends on the intention of it". That answer has always stuck in my mind because it answers a lot of questions that National Socialists ponder about. There are a lot of things in life whereas you can have opposite intentions. You can have "good intentions" or "bad intentions."  

What it comes down to is the ability to read people and define by their words and actions what there underlying intentions are.

A NEW YEAR: Time To Re-evaluate Yourself!

In a new year there will be new experiences and new adventures in every Aryan life. There will be new friends to make along with new acquaintances and brand new re-evaluations of oneself to serve the CAUSE of the NEW ORDER. However, before one can embrace the NEW one must throw out some of the OLD.

Every Aryan should make plans for the new year ahead and engage in some serious self-evaluation to determine what needs to be gotten rid of in their lives, i.e., bad habits that compromises ones health.

Building positive good character is a great way to bring in the NEW YEAR and become a NEW person! In addition, supporting THE NEW ORDER builds National Socialism that will hopefully cleanse America of corruption and decadence.

What makes National Socialists different from non-National Socialists? National Socialists are honorable White people who produce good deeds that includes having good character, helping their fellow racial brothers and sisters during a crisis, resolving conflicts, and confronting degeneracy and corruption. We are of no value if we are National Socialists in name only. 

Let your FAITH be the SHIELD that surrounds you and protects you from the decadence and corruption!
Support THE NEW ORDER in becoming a dynamic organization!