Nov 21, 2014

A Way For White Americans To Get Out Of Debt Using The Pyramid Method!


    • Make three columns on a piece of paper in your notebook. In the first column, make a list of all creditors from the smallest balance to the largest. In the second column, write down the minimum monthly payment. In the third column, write the total balance due. Your list might look like this:Dr. Jones---$10 mo.----------$340Mervyns-----$15 mo.----------$472Sears--------$56 mo.----------$4200 Visa----------$150 mo.--------$7500
    • Compare your debt to a pyramid. The smallest debt is at the top and the largest is at the bottom. To get rid of debt using the pyramid method, we will begin at the top, or in other words, with the smallest debt. Pay as much as you can toward the debt with the smallest balance, while only making minimum payments to the remaining creditors. If we use the example from above, our first month of payments might look like this:Dr. Jones: paid $40 ($10 minimum payment, plus $30 extra)Mervyns: paid $15 Sears: paid $56Visa: paid $15 
    • Continue as above until the debt with the smallest balance is paid off. 
    • Now, take the total monthly amount you were paying from the first debt and apply it to the next debt with the smallest balance, include the minimum payment that you have been paying for that bill. Continue to make minimum payments on the remaining bills.Dr Jones: paid in fullMervyns: paid $55 ($40 from the first bill, plus the $15 minimum payment)Sears: paid $56Visa: paid $150 
    • When the second bill is paid in full, apply the full amount of the monthly amount to the next bill on the list. Dr. Jones: paid in fullMervyns: paid in fullSears: paid $111 ($55 plus $56)Visa: paid $150 
    • Continue as above until all bills are paid in full.

Nov 14, 2014

NSM Insults Adolf Hitler! Maybe The Jews Will Give The NSM An Award For It?

Recently, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held an event in Texas which was suppose to be "a show of force" but; which turned out because of low numbers (as usual) to be a "show of farce".

Now, to make matters worse. Everyone (including the anti's) know that Adolf Hitler was pretty health conscious and did not drink or smoke and people in his presence distained from doing either of the two as a show of respect. However, NSM members think they are above that and can just do whatever they disrespectfully want. Just take a look at the following picture hereto of an NSM activist in front of a picture of Adolf Hitler at their recent event. Just "huffing and puffing" on a nicotine stick in front of "The Leader" and not caring one bit or another. Then again, all you have to do is remember who is the Commander of the NSM is and it all makes sense and isn't surprising.

COMMENTATE: Too bad Adolf Hitler couldn't come alive for 15 seconds in that picture and reach out and choke the sh*t out of that heathern disrespecting him.

Nov 6, 2014

The Rockwell vs Koehl Methods!

American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell and his successor Matt Koehl had hidden issues and the quality vs. quantity debate regarding propaganda and recruitment was one of them.

Commander Rockwell believed in quantity produces quality by throwing the propaganda seeds everywhere and from what sprouted to pluck your quality recruits from it. Commander Rockwell realized that he had to get results and numbers "QUICK" because the clock was ticking against the White Race staying geopolitically dominant in the future.  Lastly, Commander Rockwell was a fighting leader and knew there were rules to most things we do.  If one wants to hit something first than one should get out rule one. Hit it right away. The firstest with the mostest is the bestest. Get to 'crackin. Usually the first real telling blow is the beginning of  the fight.  Rule two. If you are unsure of rule one, look at rule one again.

Matt Koehl believed in quality produces quantity by planting your superior seeds one at a time in row and cultivating them. Thereafter, the majority of the offspring would become  dedicated National Socialists and repeat the procedure. This might be a good tactic - AFTER YOU WIN; but nonsense beforehand because one thing is lacking - TIME!  

Technically, Commander Rockwell was right because you can only get quality from quantity and not vice-versa. You must first have a large quantity base from which to pluck your quality personnel.  

National Socialists believe in implementing and abiding by the laws of nature and therefore recognize, respect, and adhere to the laws of nature when it comes to the natural selection process .

The Rockwell Method

The Koehl Method

Nov 5, 2014

Kentucky Elects A Race-Mixing Senator!

Elected Kentucky Senator McConnell is a prime example of what's wrong with White America. He is married to a gook named Elaine Chao. McConnell is a race-mixer of the worst kind.

Chao emigrated to the U.S. as a child where she eventually became the first Asian-American woman to be appointed to a cabinet-level White House position. McConnell and Chao married in 1993, and he has received hefty contributions from family, friends and business leaders in the Chinese-American community ever since.

I wonder how many American jobs sellout McConnell has sent to Asia? Hmm!

Oct 27, 2014

Why I Joined The American Nazi Party & Why You Should!

By John Taylor Bowles

I won't give a history of my National Socialist activism during the past 40 year. Instead, I like to focus and approach the issue from a different direction and keep it short and simple. 

The reason I joined the American Nazi Party led by Chairman Rocky Suhayda is because it resembles a true and honest progressive National Socialist organization that cares about its membership and the leadership is mostly made up of men of good character with some military experience, election experience, and plenty of street activism.

In addition, the American Nazi Party doesn't hestitate to honor deceased Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and give credit where it is due to those deserving individuals within the ANP ranks.