If White Americans Want Things To Change For The Better Than They Must First Change Themselves!

National Socialism believes in White people abiding by the laws of nature to be healthy and survive. Change is a part of nature. In nature, nothing ever stays the same through time. The question nowadays for White Americans to answer is, "Will they you choose to stay on their current melancholy life direction under greedy and decadent Capitalism?" or "Will they rise up and pursue a life of fulfillment and greatness under National Socialism?"

To change, White Americans must become angry and upset with their lives and the direction of their country. Commander Rockwell knew when he started the American Nazi Party in 1959 that "emotions of people are powerful".  When he wrote the initial program for the American Nazi Party he knew he had to declare in the program that White Americans must first change their mentality to have effective change. Commander Rockwell was very passionate in his beliefs and goals. He wanted his fellow countrymen to learn from him through observation and realize that "the power of passion can lead one to accomplish extraordinary things".

Commander Rockwells psychological organizational strategy was that White Americans need to realize that every change first occurs in the mind. Without advanced abstract thought, change will never occur.

Most White Americans are dumbing themselves down with all of the brainless pastimes available nowadays. For example, the average American spends 4 hours a day glued to the television. This is mindless activity that will not benefit their overall life. Do they remember what they watched six weeks ago? Or what they learned from the program? Conversely, what did they gain from the non-fiction book they (hopefully) read six weeks ago? And how much did the concepts presented in that book linger in their mind? I am assuming the book had a much more profound effect on their introspection than the TV show.

The White Founding Fathers of America knew that change was a bumpy road and risked all to make America better. Optimism and perseverance was the key to their success.



How National Socialism Would Make The American Dream Possible!

Most White people look forward to the day they can own some real property. It fulfills a sense of security and obeys the "law of territory" according to the laws of nature.  It is a part of the American Dream. 

Hereto is how National Socialist Germany addressed the equivalent of the American Dream to the German people during the 1930's and how easy and beneficial it would apply to White Americans in the present.

1. The private home as dwelling
Along with food and clothing, housing is one of the necessities of life. The majority of those who live in big cities today do not live in decent apartments, but rather in terrible confined quarters without light and fresh air. The bad effects of such apartments on people is clear from the general state of health and decline in the birthrate in big cities, which are far below the average. The number of deaths exceeds the number of births. Big cities would die out if people did not keep moving in. Expanding big cities is impossible for military reasons (air attacks, gas).

Objection: We already have too many apartments today.

Response: This false impression results from the general economic crisis. In fact, we have for too few satisfactory dwellings. That will become instantly apparent once unemployment declines and people can again pay for better dwellings. The only people who may be hurt by building settlements of single-family houses are those apartment owners who profit by renting the worst and most unpleasant slums.

2. The private home as a productive space
Each private home should have a yard of about 1/4 hectare about (1/2+ acre). That will allow a worker to raise a significant part of the food he needs from his own land. His life thereby becomes more secure, and he is less dependent on his employer. If the worker becomes an owner who is assured work and the results of his labor on his own land, he will be able to survive necessary reductions in working hours that under current economic and social conditions can result only in absolute poverty for workers.

Objection 1: Agriculture will be hurt by the gardens of homeowners.

Response: Homeowners will be unable to raise either grain or animals on their piece of land. They will have to buy these, as before, from farmers. Their produce will harm no one, for it will not replace existing production, but rather allow the worker to consume more than before. They will produce that which they lack today because they are unable to buy it. The market for agriculture will increase significantly as a result of decreased unemployment and our commercial measures.

Objection 2: The produce of homeowners will harm farmers’ markets.

Response: Homeowners will not sell their produce, but rather usually consume what they produce themselves. Farmers sell little directly to workers. But even if sales decline slightly, it will be made up ten times over by increased sale of young plants, seeds, etc., to home owners.

Objection 3: Brüning’s government had a complete fiasco with housing settlements at the edges of cities.

Response: That is true, but our plan is entirely different than Brüning’s. The new private homes will not be dog houses, as Brüning’s System planned, but rather solid, useful homes in which the owners will take pleasure.

Furthermore, Brüning’s housing developments would surely be threatened as he reduces unemployment payments, without the settlers being able to support themselves from their tiny plots of land. National Socialist housing developments will benefit from the general improvement in the economy, which will guarantee that the homeowners have jobs (usually part-time employment). This produce will be an additional resource, not his only source of income.

3. Building settlements of individual homes
Each worker willing and able to buy a single-family house will receive a 40% subvention from the government. If he has a job he can borrow the rest from a state bank, which will guarantee favorable terms and a quick decision. If he is unemployed, he will be paid for helping to build the settlement (the larger the building program is, the greater can be the number of unskilled workers). A percentage of his pay will go toward the purchase of a single-family house. The terms will be at least as favorable as for the first group.

The plan is to build 400,000 private homes per year. That will provide employment for one million people.



Good Riddance Department: Jewish Actor Abe Vigoda, known for 'Godfather' role, dies at 94!

Born in New York City on Feb. 24, 1921, Abraham Charles Vigodah was the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. His father was a tailor.

He had his first role on stage at age 17 and, dropping the "H" from his last name ( to fool Gentles into thinking he was Italian) along the way, had modest success in theater and on television through the 1960s.

 COMMENTATE: Most of the degenerate and useless garbage produced and dubbed movies nowadays are produced by Hollywood Jewish directors. Abe Vigoda was just another cog to them to use. Abe Vigoda starred in nothing beneficial to mankind and most of the roles and movies he was in were crappy and need to be tossed into the bonfire. :) 


Funny As Hell Department: Marxists Get Snubbed By Supreme Court!

On January 25, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to even look at the cert petition filed in the Michigan ballot access case, Erard v Johnson, 15M76. The issue is the law that says newly-qualifying parties need twice as many signatures as old parties need votes to stay on. The Clerk of the court erroneously reported to the justices that the case had been filed a day late, and presented the case as one in which Matt Erard was seeking to be excused for being late. Erard, the Socialist Party pro se activist who filed the case, was not actually late, but it is not likely that any Justice, or any clerk for any Justice, read the actual account of why the clerk thought it was late.

In 1968 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Williams v Rhodes that it is unconstitutional for any state to require more support for a new party than for an old party.

COMMENTATE: Parts of their platform: We call for full citizenship rights upon demonstrating residency for six months, We demand cancellation of Third World debt,  We stand for unconditional disarmament by the United States,  We call for reparations from the federal
government for its role in the slave trade and the genocide of Native American nations, with the reparations programs administered by the oppressed communities themselves, We call for the abolition of parent consent and notification laws for reproductive health services, including abortion,

We call for a vast increase in Section 8 housing subsidies as one element of major public investment in the construction of low cost, scattered site, community-based, high quality housing.


Is Steve Harvey The Dumbest Nigger In The World?

All Steve Harvey had to do was read off a card that revealed the winner of Miss Universe 2015. The television presenter did not read it correctly and announced that the new beauty pageant winner was Ariadna Gutierrez from Colombia, instead of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines. He later showed off the card to the camera that captured a snap of what Steve mistakenly read. On the one side it's clearly stated 2nd runner-up and USA written next to it. Down below it says 1st runner-up with Colombia written next to it.  The winning country is written down on the right corner right below a bolded Miss Universe 2015 is written. Only a dumb nigger could mess this up?