Apr 15, 2014

Traitor, FBI Informant, And Murderer Glenn Miller Attended The Last NSM Rally In Kansas City! Birds Of A Feather Flock Together!!!

Frazier Glenn Miller (FBI witness protection name of Frazier Glenn Cross) went berserk and killed three innocent people this week whom he thought were Jewish. One was a pre-teen with his grandfather. Miller, testified against people like Bob Miles and Louis Beam at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial of 1988 and against Doug Sheets and Jack Jackson in 1989. Miller is a 100% FBI stool pigeon,, race-mixer (like Jeff Schoep), snitch, and alcoholic hiding under the shield of the pro-White Movement".  A phony!

Last year, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held a pitiful rally in Kansas City and Miller was there all snuggled up to NSM Commander Jeff Schoep during the whole rally. Rally participants thought both were going to kiss and start humping each other. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree apparently. Schoep is having enough troubles of his own being a liar and race-mixer along with being incompetent. Schoep is the new modern Frank Collins. Maybe Miller and Bill White can share the same jail cell. That would be hilarious.

COMMENTATE: You wouldn't find Miller at any American Nazi Party events. The FBI snitch and alcoholic retard would be banned. Groups like the National Socialist Movement with their scuzball leader Schoep is the only group that allows FBI snitches and traitors to attend their events. Why do suppose the NSM rallies get intense police protection? Because its to protect the FBI snitches and undercover police officers from harm that are rally participants!

FINAL NOTE: Remember Craig Cobb who tried to start a pro-White community in Leigh, ND, until he associated with the National Socialist Movement members that screwed it up? One of the NSM members turned snitch against Cobbs. Apparently, Miller had his hand in it with his buddy Schoep. Here is a message posted in October 2013 by Craig Cobb (click here):

" My friends Tom Metzger, Jeff Schoep and Glenn Miller have all expressed their full support for me in the jew DNAtrix. Linder said that, with antis, there is no such thing as race till they prove your'e a n_____, lol." Like I said, "Birds of a feather flock together"!

Apr 14, 2014

A Jew Is Leaving "The View"!

39 years after she first got behind an anchor’s desk at “The Today Show,” sources have confirmed that old Jewess Barbara Walters will be retiring in May 2014.

A number of specials and send-offs are in the works to celebrate the grande hebrew dame of television’s 52-year-career. Walters will also be leaving her show “The View,” along with other original host Joy Behar.

Walters, 83, was born in 1929 to Dana and Louis Walters, descendants of Jewish refugees from Tsarist Russia.

COMMENTATE: Good riddance to Barbara Walters. It will be such a relief to see her nose not waving in the wind like she is smelling sh*t when she talks.

Apr 12, 2014

Jews Want Blacks To Leave Israel! Jews Use The Blacks; But, Don't Want To Live With Them!

Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans, Hoping They 'Self-Deport' !
Actual Interview:

NOOR: So, David, a lot of people might not be familiar with the current situation for some 53,000 African asylum seekers in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called them infiltrators. He says they threaten the Jewish character of Israel. And he says these are not refugees, these are illegal immigrants who were in Israel looking for jobs. And there's been a series of laws passed in Israel that makes it easier for them to get, essentially, rounded up and held indefinitely in detention. Give us an update.

SHEEN: Okay. Well, these people really, for the most part, immigrated to Israel starting in 2006. And then in 2010 you have the masses coming in, fleeing persecution, ethnic cleansings in Sub-Saharan Africa. They're fleeing all over, and countries are taking them in. In Israel you have these 50,000, 60,000.

Now, when they first arrived, the government didn't want to outright deport them because that would just look so horrible on its human rights record, to send them back to the horrors they fled from. So instead it allowed them in but immediately started making their lives miserable, according to the interior minister that's his words in order so that they would just eventually give up and go back to the places they came from, to self-deport, so to speak.

So that's taken many forms. It's taken the form of Israeli government leaders inciting racism against calling them cancer, you know, accusing them of committing crimes, of being rapists, and bringing in, you know, every possible slur you can imagine.

NOOR: And we've played some of your work on The Real News. There's been these mass rallies with Israeli political leaders, marching by the thousands through the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities. And then, as you documented, soon after, that's led to Africans being attacked on the streets.

SHEEN: Certainly. I mean, Africans are attacked in the streets even regardless. But certainly there are these rallies, often led by politicians, and people, you know, physically attacking Africans in the streets.

And in addition to that, you have rabbis who are on the government payroll, actually, who issue edicts forbidding Jews from renting apartments to Africans. So religious leadership, political leadership, grassroots in the neighborhoods, the government's policy was just make their lives as difficult as possible.

And so now its centerpiece legislation is permitting the government to round them up, sticking them in these desert detention centers.

NOOR: And these are a new set of laws that helped can you talk about when they were passed and what the significance was?

SHEEN: The original anti-infiltration law was originally passed in the '50s to criminalize Palestinians who had fled from the fighting that broke out in 1947-48, to prevent them from returning to their homes, so that there would be as few as possible non-Jewish people in the country.

So in 2012, you have the government resuscitating this law in order to now criminalize Africans who'd been entering the country.

Now, once it did that, after a year and eight months, the Supreme Court struck it down, called it unconstitutional, a violation of people's human rights, saying you can't jail people that haven't committed any crimes. And so it was struck down

But instead of following the Supreme Court decision, the government just legislated a new version of the law, this time worse than the first, which permits it to incarcerate people ad infinitum, forever. And that's the situation on the ground right now.

They can only hold about 3,000 people in these jails, desert jails. The idea is pack them in there, don't give them food or vegetables or hot water or, you know, anything besides the container that they're living in in the cold, and then eventually they'll become so miserable they'll agree to leave, and then they can round up another 3,000. And that'll be some kind of processing that they can just quickly bottleneck people out of the country.

NOOR: And so, in February a record number of African asylum seekers self-deported, some 1,700. So talk about the current situation, what's happening on the ground today. Why are these people leaving?

SHEEN: Well, it's clear that the forces in society are stacked against them. Eighty percent of Israelis in a recent poll said that they want all Africans gone. You know, over 60 percent want them all kicked out of the country outright. Another 20 percent want them jailed. So 80 percent want them cleared out of Israeli population centers. Then the government clearly is, you know, pushing them out.

And so with no help from people on the street, just a real handful of Israelis, who themselves are marginalized and hated for supporting the Africans, really, what is their salvation? The courts come to their cause, but then the government disregards it.

So, many people see that I could sit in jail in some foreign country for the rest of my life, or I could die in my home country. Maybe that's an option.

NOOR: But Israel is by international treaty, it's prevented from sending them back to the country of origin, right? So they're sending them to third-party countries now. Is that correct?

SHEEN: Both. I mean, first of all, what Israel's doing is, in order to present to the world a face of this is voluntary, they're sitting people in front of cameras and interviewing them. So is this voluntary? Yes. I am agreeing voluntarily to leave the country, so that they can then show people, well, they've already agreed. I mean, according to the United Nations, clearly, anyone who's in jail can't agree to be deported voluntarily. But they're covering their backs that way.

And then in some cases the government is deporting them to third countries. But when you ask these third countries, is this in fact what you've agreed to, we've signed no agreements, we've agreed to nothing, and we haven't agreed to protect these people's refugee rights. So Israel isn't sending them to a place where they'll be safe; it's just sending them to any place that'll accept Israel's money, weapons, and weapons training in exchange.

NOOR: And one of the arguments that you hear in the Israeli press, and even by Miss Israel, who's on tour in the U.S. right now—it was actually a Ethiopian-Israeli woman—is that these asylum seekers are dangerous and they're a threat to peace, a threat to the public, and they're raping—they're carrying out these rapes all across Israel.

What's your response? Is there a legitimate concern for the safety of Israelis?

SHEEN: Well, I mean, the idea that this group of people is somehow collectively responsible for increasing crime, even police statistics in Israel consistently show that Africans actually have a lower crime rate than native Israelis. It's not zero crime rate. I wouldn't expect it to be a zero crime rate, especially since the government doesn't permit them to work. So how are you going to eat, how are you going to have a place to live without permission to work? People are working under the table or petty crime. So I don't expect a zero crime rate.

But I think you're more likely to be raped by an Israeli politician in Israel. If you just look statistically, from the president of the country Moshe Katsav to justice ministers sexually harassing, to the chief of police of Jerusalem, I mean, mayor of Kiryat Malakhi, one after the other, top Israeli officials are either convicted of rate or sexual assault or sexual harassment. It's a very big problem in the country. And I don't think that the Israeli leadership should be the ones pointing at another population as proportionately, you know, responsible for rape. I think they should look inward and see how to tackle that problem in Israeli society.

NOOR: Well, David Sheen, this wraps up the first part of our conversation, but we'll continue it in part two. We'll post both parts at Thank you so much for joining us.

SHEEN: Thanks

COMMENTATE: Once again the Jews think they are special and are exempt from the rest of the world in its treatment of other people. This has always been the Achille's Heel of Jews. When they get power they get sloppy and start to brag about their bad character.  

Apr 9, 2014

GENDERCIDE! (strong language)

What is gendercide? It is the trampling of men by women in this country brought on and encouraged by the Jews.

The roots sprout firmly from Women's Lib Movement and the single mother household. Many women now feel they don't need a "father" image around their children. The family image of a mother and a father surrounded by happy kids has now been replaced by the mother standing on top of the father's mentally battered body, pounding her chest yelling "I am king of the world!!" while the kids raise themselves with fast food and TV/video games.

As a direct result of the Women's Liberation Movement of the 70's and 80's we now must live with the consequences left behind in the wake of the anti-White men campaign. A country of overly aggressive, self-centered and unfulfilled ball busting women that believe they have the right by virtue of their sex to dominate everything within their world. No matter who gets hurt in the process.

In the modern American women's black-widowesque need to conquer and devour all things within her sight she has single handedly destroyed the family values in this country.

NOT the violent TV,

NOT the violent video games,

NOT the exclusion of religion in the class room.

Single mother households are the reason the prisons are overflowing. Are most single moms raising violent criminals, NO....Are most violent criminals in prison from single mother household, YES.

Single mother households are the reason the repeat divorce rate is so high fueled by women that were taught by example. 

Single mother households are the reason so many kids are dependent on prozac and other antidepressant or mood altering drugs as a result of an unstable environment in the home.

Single mother households are the reason for most of the teen pregnancy today. Single mother raised girls have a much higher teen prego problem.


Single mother households are the reason that American men are now mostly spineless wimps!!!

Once mom has painted the child's father as the "evil monster" within the family picture, strips him of all dignity and pride then throws him to the curb, she precedes to raise her son(s) as girls. Enforcing in him that all men are trash and he has to be a nice little girlie-boy or he'll be an as*hole like his father. If for no other reason than that's all she knows having come from a single mother home herself.

Many single mothers are not monsters or man haters. The decision to put dad on the street are often legitimate. Be it violence, drugs, infidelity, and death. But with this action comes the responsibility to fill that void with a stable male role model. A granddad, uncle, family member, or friend. Not a revolving door of walking sperm donors being forced upon the captive child. Most single moms bust their cute little as*es to care and raise their family as best they can and should be commended for such. but without a solid male role model their son will grow up just like mom.

This has made for nonsense mainstream ideology such as organized unisex youth sports with no winners or losers and everyone makes the team, cause we don't want to hurt his girlie little feelings... and forcing boy teams to have girls on them to take away any lessons on male bonding before it takes roots. The day I see women's groups marching in front of Curves for Women protesting the sex discrimination instead of the Boy Scouts and the Little league Association will be the the day I might stop thinking of them as sexists on a mission.

The Board of Education has adopted a policy to "raise the boys as girls" (I know this sounds paranoid but if you research it you will find it is an actual reform policy right out of Washington). The reasoning is it will make for a less violent and more sensitive man.

The result...............................................

Man-Pussies, Men shaving their bodies and primping their hair. Men wearing make up and having cosmetic surgery. Ads and TV shows portraying men as little girlie-men.

Every commercial and show on TV revolves the helpless wimpy man bumbling along while the stronger alpha female (just like mom) saves the day. Put up a male bonding targeted spot showing men in a dominant role over woman and the women groups shut it down before men can rally around it (such as the girls wrestling in the fountain over lite beer for an easily remembered example). All family portrayals involve the "in charge" wife and the village idiot hubby. The cop shows with rough tough men characters running around saving the world with their gun never involves a spousal charactor because a dominant male in a family role is forbidden from the liberal media.

Most of the men in America are big wimpy pussies now. If your dad came home when you were a kid and shaved his legs and chest before going out with your mom you would have been traumatized. Now it is encouraged with the whole Metro Sexual girlie-man movement. Everything in mass media is gay, gay, and gay pushing a sensitive gentler male image. Televison shows pushing complete make overs making men "pretty" are prime time viewing.

Wake up to the gendercide and stand on your own two hairy legs. Declare your freedom from the grips of the Girlie-man trend that dear ole single parent mom, with her best intentions, has enrolled you in.

To the women that feel they can raise their kids without a father or male role model....Shut the hell up!

To all the Pussy-boys clinging to their wives apron strings (purely an expression cause today's women don't need an apron to make a frozen microwave dinner) waiting for the wife to give them permission to speak because mom packed their testicles in a jar and put them on the shelf next to his dad's, never to be seen again......Shut the hell up!

Now girls are realizing they have been short changed by the women's right groups as a disillusioned generation of women now are voicing the universal question, Where did the real men go? They were mowed down in the streets by women's lib and are extinct except for a few Neanderthals (like those in the American Nazi Party) that refused to bow down to an army of angry short haired loud women in bad pantsuits declaring themselves the "men " of the future!

COMMENTATE! The point of this article is that making the choice to raise a child is a very most important obligation there is and many women don't take it seriously. Either by making bad choices in picking who the father of fathers of their children will be or not taking the importance of the child's welfare above all else in consideration when deciding to file for divorce over petty differences. That child is your number one responsibility and tearing the child's world apart and denying a father in their life is a tragic decisions with long reaching consequences for all of society. I stand guilty of being old fashion and feeling that a family unit is a mom and a dad. Anything less is unhealthy for a child's mental well-being and too many people don't consider that when filing frivolous divorces over petty self-centered matters. As for the girls that chose to have a fatherless child right out of the box........the term young and dumb comes to mind and I wish them luck.

If being concerned about the welfare of the children and the ripple effect it has on everyone in this country makes me a hateful Nazi then I stand accused.

"We want to build better White men, not to feminize White men!"

Apr 6, 2014


What Schools and Parents Need to Know About the Future Goals of National Socialist Education In America! 

All those involved in education must have a clear and unified idea of the educational tasks before them. The three iron pillars of the national school and educational system are: race, military training, and leadership!


National Socialist education is an education in the thinking of the Aryan people, in understanding Aryan traditions, in awakening the pure, uncorrupted, and honest people’s consciousness, their sense of belonging to the people. Only a member of the Aryan race can have such an understanding of his people, crowning it with the willingness to sacrifice all for the people. He must know that without his people he is a miserable nothing, and that it is better if he himself die than that his people and country perish! He who thinks that National Socialist education has as its goal a kind of hyperpatriotism has not understood it. Something entirely different is intended. Something should be awakened in the soul of young Aryans that will fill their hearts and whole being until their souls can no longer restrain the overflowing, until a powerful and jubilant “Hail America” springs from their lips! That call itself is not the first or most significant goal: but rather it is its foundation in the soul, a foundation that jubilantly, freely, confidently, cheerfully and passionately expresses itself. It is the holy sense of people and country! Awakening this in the Aryan youth requires that they have a clear understanding of the value of people and country. They must realize that the Aryan people in America have a right to independence and freedom, honor and power. They must learn that it has a right to its own fate among the peoples of the earth, and it must gain with the other peoples the place in the sun that belongs to it. It must do this not through force, but rather because the Aryan people is a noble nation that has created values for the entire world that no other people was capable of. We want to awaken in the Aryan American youth this free, just, and noble national pride so that at the thought of America's past, present, and future their hearts will pound and their eyes will gleam. That is the first foundation of National Socialist education.
Military Training

It is clear that the Aryan youth must be resolved to defend their country with their lives. The Aryan youth must learn military virtues. Their bodies must be steeled, made hard and strong, so that the youth may become capable soldiers who are healthy, strong, trained, energetic, and able to bear hardships. Gymnastics, games, sports, hiking, swimming, and military exercises must all be learned by the youth. Our youth should not sit in stuffy rooms and develop crooked backs and weak eyes. Alongside the basic and truly important education of the mind, they should develop healthy bodies by being outdoors. The idea of the healthy and strong Aryans should not be mere empty talk. Parents can help here. They will train our youth in simplicity and cleanliness. They will train them, even when they are older, not to waste their spare time by dubious or even harmful activities such as card playing, drinking alcohol, and bad music, but rather to prepare their bodies for their future tasks.

A youth being trained for such important national duties must accept the idea of following the Leaders absolutely and without question, without unhealthy carping criticism, without selfishness or opposition. They must learn to obey so that they, having themselves learned to obey, can believe in and trust their own leadership and can grow to be leaders themselves. Only he who has learned to obey can lead. White America will no longer believe that the masses can lead themselves by majority rule! The masses themselves are nothing! We do need not a people ruled by majority votes, but a people with the will to leadership. The Aryan youth must learn that and act accordingly! Thus the Aryan youth belong in organizations where they will learn the nature of leadership in its most noble form, where they can learn to obey and — if they are called to it — also learn to lead. They will not bend to an empty mass will expressed through useless votes. They must learn that once again. We parents want to exhibit such authority to our youth by strengthening family authority and establishing in our homes a healthy and natural obedience on the part of our children. This will not suppress the youth, but rather provide them the controlled freedom and authority they need to develop their abilities.

Race, military training, and leadership! These are the three unshakable foundations of the new proposed Aryan National Socialist education!