National Socialist Movement Being Hypocritical Again.

The National Socialist Movement has always held its head up with pride when it enforces a no-firearms rule at their events. The rule is simple. NO FIREARMS allowed! However, in true NSM style it always says one thing and does another. It is why the NSM is nicknamed THE HYPOCRITES by the entire pro-White Movement.

Here's a good example of NSM hypocrisy:


Yet, what is this NSM member wearing (below picture) on his belt during their April 2016 event in Georgia?

Mike Schloer is the one packing a gun!

Remember Mike Schloer from a posting awhile back. Here is part of it to jog your memory:

I wanted to make sure this doesn't slide by. The head of NSM Security got into some legal troubles awhile back in Tennessee. Yep, seems like ole Mikey Schloer (Schoeps drinking buddy) had a little too much to drink, plus driving on a suspended/revoked license. WHAT A CRIMINAL the NSM has as its security chief!!!

NSM Security Director
Email: nsmssdivision (at)
Major Mike Schloer

This is what happens when after-birth is given life!

Now, here is something else that is hypocritical of the NSM. The NSM claims to be a non-violent, peaceful organization. Yet, an NSM member is packing a gun at their inside event?

Did that gun get transported across state lines? Does Schloer have a probation that doesn't allow him to carry or be around firearms?

Stay tuned!

COMMENTATE: Thank you to the person that sent me this information. Good observation!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree:

(Click here to read what Jeff Schoep's ex-wife had to say about him!!!)



The National Socialist Movement (NSM) Has A Reputation Of Breaking Alliances & Attacking Other Pro-White Groups In America!

Recently, the National Socialist has been banging its chest openly because it obtained eleven other pro-White organizations and/or members endorsement of a so-called alliance at a gathering of riff-raff in Georgia last month (April 2016). It sounds good and perhaps even historic until you examine the TRUE FACTS behind Jeff Schoep's bullshit propaganda scam.

The National Socialist Movement has a real long history of attacking other pro-White groups and snubbing its nose at alliances. Here are three examples:


The NATIONAL ALLIANCE members have jointly participated with NSM events especially before 2005. Everything was going peachy and smooth (for a change) until the National Alliance had some demonstrations and put a NO UNIFORM AND NO SWASTIKA FLAGS AND T-SHIRTS rule in effect at their public events. The National Alliance wanted normal looking White people to be demonstrating to garnish good press. However, NSM Chairman Clifford Herrington in 2004 (or 2005) got all bent out of whack because of it and all out war between the NSM and National Alliance almost broke out because Herrington having a shit-fit that his NSM members couldn't express themselves the HOLLYWOOD NAZI style at any National Alliance event. Since then, things have been terrible between both organizations. So much for UNITY!


On May 27th, 2006,  members of the National Socialist Movement attended Nordic Fest which is a festival of WHITE UNITY and MUTUAL RESPECT between pro-White organizations. It is an annual concert hosted by the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) near Dawson Springs, Ky., and immediately
the NSM started disunity by a speech by Missouri NSM member Steven Boswell. Within seconds of starting his talk, Boswell told his audience of some 150 pro-White racialists that the movement would never be helped "by belonging to a social club where all they do is drink and shoot the **** every Saturday night." He went on to say that Aryans "are far more stingy than Jews" in supporting their own cause, and then added that "our women are deserting us wholesale … because we are weak."

After a ole southern ass kicking, the NSM was humiliated and accompanied by sympathetic members of the Creativity Movement to exit the event. On the way out, they were told by IKA security and members of Maryland and Pennsylvania skinhead groups that they'd offended the Vinlanders. CREATIVITY had saved the NSM members from the hospital emergency room.

None of that stopped the NSM from issuing a series of angry statements. Boswell's wife, Christina Drake, called her husband's tormentors "huge, Negro-mentality beasts." NSM "commander" Jeff Schoep said the attack had been "an open act of war." So much for UNITY!


Mr. Cobbs was a member of CREATIVITY (a pro-White organization) and tried to start an all-White community in Leigh, North Dakota. Mr. Cobbs bought cheap land with houses and everything was going okay until the National Socialist Movement stuck their noses into his business and eventually one of their members turned stool pigeon (for the state) against Mr. Cobbs. So much for UNITY!

There are many more examples besides these!
COMMENTATE: Alliances never work. When an organization like the NSM sponsors an alliance it is an example of weakness and blow-hard propaganda which amounts to nothing.

"Wherever the NSM goes, chaos grows".