Ballot Access For Candidates In America Is Terrible. Mainstream Candidates Complain About It; But Won't Do Anything To Fix it

Ballot access for third political parties is even tougher and almost impossible! 

Shane Goldmacher has this story in Politico, which says that some recognized Republican candidates for President are complaining about primary ballot access. One complaint is the very high filing fees some southern Republican Parties are charging for presidential candidates to get on the ballot. State laws in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas permit the Republican Party to create their own barriers, beyond those mentioned in state law.

The irony is that neither states nor political parties are permitted to impose mandatory filing fees on candidates without giving any alternative method to get on the ballot. The two U.S. Supreme Court filing fee decisions make this clear. Both were unanimous. Bullock v Carter, a 1972 Texas case, involved filing fees set by political parties. Lubin v Panish, a 1974 California case, involved filing fees set by state law. In both cases the practices were unconstitutional because the fees were mandatory, with no alternative. Any Republican presidential candidate, mainstream or not, was free to file a lawsuit against the high fees in some southern states, but none did so.

As to petitions, no state requires more than 5,000 signatures for any candidate recognized by the media to get on a presidential primary ballot. By contrast, North Carolina requires independent candidates, and newly-qualifying parties, to get 89,366 valid signatures.


A Real "Planet Of the Apes" Scenario In Chicago!

After marches in the Loop, River North and South Loop, non-white protesters set their sights on the City of Chicago’s official Christmas Tree in Millennium Park.

Several dozen non-white protesters were seen taking down metal barricades and then stripping the lights off the tree before 10 p.m. Wednesday. It was yesterday that the city held the official tree lighting ceremony. CBS 2 observed two women being restrained by police.

The anti-white protests come on the second night since city officials released dashcam footage of a Chicago Police officer fatally shooting black  thug 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. 

Earlier Wednesday, dozens of mostly non-white protesters shut down several intersections in the Loop and River North. Later in the evening, protesters marched outside the Chicago Police First District Station in the South Loop, where at least one person was arrested.

White Chicagoan's haven't raised a finger on this insurrection in their city. Most lie on the floor in a newborn baby's position and wait for their coming death with their finger up their a*s.

COMMENTATE: It seems the Blacks have learned something from American Jews. How to boo-hoo and whine and bitch before a gullible news camera from CNN or Fox network.


A National Socialist Perspective On Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in America is a popular food-focused holiday. The roots of it falls back to an abundant fall feast that Indians and White settlers (Pilgrims) enjoyed together in 1621.

The first 100 Mayflower pilgrims did not survive their first year in the NEW WORLD (later named America). Following the fall harvest in the NEW WORLD the mostly English pilgrims planned a communal meal. Indians known at that time as the "WAMPANOAG" had taught the new settlers how to raise corn and catch and feast on the local seafood. Close to 90 WAMPANOAG tribesman participated in the communal feast. They brought plenty of food that lasted three days: duck,geese, lobsters, mussels, berries, plums, and pudding.

Nowadays, most White Americans have forgotten why they celebrate Thanksgiving!

White Americans (including some National Socialists) don't realize that what they serve at Thanksgiving makes a political statement about themselves. Do you buy a Butterball turkey which represents the monopolized, globalized, Jewish Wall-street bankized, chemicalized,and plastic model of treating the meal as just another exploitative greedy capitalist invention of agri-business or buy locally from fellow White family farms that are community based, organic, humane, healthy and tasty that are true agri-culture?

Where do you stand?

Do you support hedge fund ripoff artists and financial trusts that buy up White owned family farms and convert them into fast-money making  investment packages. Under greedy capitalism, Wall Street buys up the White owned family farms and then hire farmers to produce crops and charging them rent while taking a substantial piece of the profit.  White farmers are turned into 

Wall Street Jewish Capitalists don't care whether it makes food or material products for the herd. It is only concerned about making money. Most White farmers love what they do and care deeply about producing a quality product the best they can for their fellow kinsman.

This Thanksgiving, White Americans should buy from their local White family owned farms.

The American Nazi Party policy regarding American Farms:

As the foundation of any society, we recognize the supreme importance of a healthy farming community. Accordingly, we demand protection of the family farm by eliminating speculation in land and commodities, and by assuring a stable market and fair prices for the farmer, as well as the consumer. We further demand that qualified young Aryan couples be given an opportunity for mortgage-free homesteading on land now held by large corporate interests.

We believe that farming is more than a mere economic proposition, that in fact it represents a way of life vital to the community as a whole, and that its real value lies not only in producing food, but in providing social, racial, and environmental stability while serving as a constant source of spiritual renewal for man in close rapport with nature. Hence, we believe that a farmer's land and the fruits of his labor must remain inviolate and above commercial speculation and exploitation, just as the economic viability of the family farm must be re-established so that significantly larger numbers of our people can once again find a good life upon the land.

                    JOIN TODAY!

The American Nazi Party Stand On American Citizenship!


We demand that only those of Aryan blood be allowed to become citizens of the state. Citizenship - and the rights which go along with it - will be conferred only on those Aryans who prove themselves worthy of it.
We believe that citizenship in an Aryan state should be an honor and a privilege, rather than a right which is gratuitously bestowed simply on the basis of birth or national residence, and that only those Aryans who show themselves deserving of it, and who are prepared to accept its accompanying responsibilities, should be granted its rights and benefits.


What is the cost for U.S. citizenship?

Individuals applying for U.S. Citizenship are assessed a $595 filing fee, as of 2015, and may be required to pay an additional $85 biometric fee where applicable.. 

COMMENTATE:I agree the ANP 100%. You shouldn't get something FREE without making an effort. Everything in LIFE is complimentary. Citizenship should be treated the same way.