NSM Commander Jeff Schoep Boots Chief Of Staff For Marrying A Negress On October 27, 2012. What A Hypocrite! Schoep Replaces Race-Mixer With A Wife Abuser!

 This is Duke with his happy Negress bride he married on October 27, 2012.  NSM members sure like that black booty!

In what has got to be the most hypocritical thing that NSM Commander Jeff Schoep (PRONOUNCED POOP) has ever done. A few days ago he booted out of the NSM his very own appointed Chief-of-Staff, Duke Schneider, when it was discovered that Schneider married a Negress.  Jeff Schoep, was once married to  racially mixed woman who had a mulatto child from a previous marriage with a Negro before marrying man-whore Schoep. Schoep, as always, played the dumb victim card and denies he ever knew about the racial mixture of his wife and her mulatto daughter even though there are pictures of Jeff Schoep at the mulatto daughters birthday party. Most NSM members know by now they were lied to by Schoep about it for years. Apparently, everyone in the NSM has to exhibit some kind of good character except Schoep who is exempt because he is the "all-mighty poo-bah" of the NSM and his bad character is okay. A normal White person would have resigned his commission of leadership by now because of "racially compromising" the IDEA and CHARACTER which apparently Schoep neither cares about.

Now, to make matters even worse. Schoep appointed longtime idiot Michael J. Schloer to head the SS (again).

Read the following from Mike Schloers former wife to see what a retard he really is. I met and knew Jennifer when I was an NSM member and it is sickening that she had to experience the abuse by her husband. She e-mailed me this long before the ARA got hold of it and posted it on their website:

"My personal experiences are described in my emergency order of protection issued by the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in DuPage county on August 4, 2010. I was also issued a plenary (permanent) order of protection (#2010OP001093) on August 25, 2010. Using the order’s narrative, I prepared a ten page document for my divorce attorney to be submitted to the court describing the events that show I deserved a divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty. In the state of Illinois, judges do not often grant divorces with grounds. However, in my case, the judge only had to hear 5 minutes of testimony before giving me a divorce on mental cruelty grounds. Mike did not defend himself against these charges and refused to cooperate with the court. The rest of this post is an excerpt from that document and is presented here to show you what I dealt with in 2009 & 2010. Some of the more humiliating items have not been included to preserve my dignity.

We fought constantly, sometimes it would last most of the night and then start again after I got home from work. He would call me continuously at work until I’d answer and sit there crying at work as he criticized me. I was very sleep deprived. I decided that I had to divorce him because I was sick of walking on eggshells. He constantly watched WWII documentaries and would get angry when I refused to watch. He would constantly play white power music and talk to other Nazis on the phone all evening. I remember having an argument about whether or not David Lane – part of the group called The Order who killed a Jewish radio host - was a murderer.

Mike would get angry if I didn't go to bed when he did or if I locked the bathroom door. I had no privacy. He would have to walk in on me in the shower as I was getting ready for work and stand next to the sink as I rushed to dry my hair and brush my teeth. He accused me of meeting someone when I was at the grocery store too long. I supported him, gave him a nice house to live in, and was nice to him - but I was treated like a slave. He never left the house, except for NSM rallies/business or to work out at the gym obsessively for hours. During this time, I started posting on blogs of other women who left and even the OPP forum. I even became a member of the Illinois Holocaust museum, Anti Defamation League, and Southern Poverty Law Center. I read Kirsten Kaiser’s book about how she left Kevin Strom and it scared me because I saw the parallels between our lives – and I saw where I would be if I continued to tolerate my husband’s NAZI beliefs. I thank Kirsten for her book!

August 2, 2010 – the night I fled my house I came home from vacation with my mom, sister, and daughter. We went to Disney World. Before my father passed away, he asked my mom to take us. Prior to leaving, Mike and I had an argument. I came home and discovered Mike acting really strangely and it scared me. He was carrying a very large hunting knife throughout the house and trying to decide where to hide it. I observed him going back and forth from the nightstand to the closet, trying to decide where to put it. He looked manic while doing this. After he went downstairs, I brought up the suitcases and began sorting laundry. He sat on the bed and stared at me, saying nothing. I was really terrified and scared that he did something while we were gone. I felt like I was in a movie. I pretended to sort clothes and he went downstairs. After I heard him go downstairs, I looked in the nightstand and the knife was there. My instinct told me to get my daughter and get out of there. I told Mike we were going to get some laundry detergent and called my mom when we were safely away from the house. My mom said to come to her house but to tell Mike we had forgotten something and were going to stay there. After I called Mike, he got very angry and said that he wanted me to get him milk before I went. He said he would meet me at the store so I raced over there with my mom and sister on a 3 way call and I stopped at a gas station to get the milk. My mind was racing. I wanted to be where there were people. Mike stalked quietly behind me while in the store. I bought the milk at the cashier with him standing about 6 inches from me. He could have easily stabbed me with that knife. Upon walking out the door, he demanded to know why I was acting strangely. I said I was fine but he persisted so I asked him why he was carrying a knife through my house. He said that the ARA were causing problems. I asked him “What did you do?” imagining the worst. He said he didn't do anything. I yelled “I don’t want a Nazi in my house. Get out of my house!” I went to my car, opened the door, he grabbed the door and wouldn't let me leave. I knew what happened to other women who left and that I was going to get out of there. My daughter was screaming. I said “Leave me alone” about 5 times but he held the door open. I was afraid that he was going to grab me and pull me out of the car. So, I turned on the ignition, threw the car in reverse with the car door open, and sped away. Again, I had my mom and sister on a 3 way call and they heard everything. I drove to my mom’s house and called the police. I knew I had to get my life back. A few days later, I had an emergency protection order and he was evicted from the house.

Mid July 2010 – conversations about murder A conversation occurred where Mike stated that he thought several people should be killed. Also, Mike’s email and New Saxon account were hacked and he blamed me for it. He said while looking directly at me “I’ll kill whoever did this, and I don’t care if it has tits.”

July 21, 2010 – the coffee shop argument I went grocery shopping and then to the Caribou Coffee to use my computer. The grocery store and coffee shop are about a mile from my house. Mike hated it when I would use my computer at home because I was not paying attention to him. I was gone for 90 mins. However, this was too long in Mike’s opinion. When I got home, he began interrogating me about where I had been and who I was with. I told him that I was with no one and I told him where exactly I was. I asked if he wanted to see the receipts. I also said that I was insulted because I stayed home every night and only went out with family when he was in Iraq. I also asked why he didn't call me or come himself to the store? The argument went on for 2 hours. When I tried to walk away from him, he would follow me room to room calling me names. I locked myself behind the bedroom door and he pounded on it repeatedly. I was afraid he was going to destroy my door so I opened it, hoping his behavior would not escalate. He already went downstairs so there was no confrontation.

Mid May, 2010 – sexual interrogations Mike always became upset if I were not paying attention to him. Events similar to this happened approximately 5 times during the marriage and this was the final explosion of all the anger and feelings of being trapped. They always resulted in multi-day arguments. These discussions were practically scripted and the same things were said each time. Mike went to bed earlier than I did. After about an hour, he came downstairs, livid. He was angry because I was using my computer. He asked me why I didn't go to bed at the same time he did and why I no longer wanted to have sexual relations with him. Mike would get angry when I wore clothes to bed and would wake me up at least 1/week by groping my breasts and being inside me without my consent. This argument lasted several hours. He kept asking over and over again if he was too small for me and asked about my past boyfriends’ sizes. (This is a common conversation. While he was in Iraq May 2009, he demanded to know how big my hand was - the circumference of it - so that he could compare it to his size. I had to send him a picture of my hand with measuring tape around it) He demanded to know the details of my sexual assault that occurred on 1/2/2000 (police report 00-00355). When I couldn't remember the exact detail, he accused me of lying and said I liked being raped. Finally, I couldn't take anymore. I screamed at him about how embarrassing he acted, about the huge Confederate flag on his truck and swastikas on his clothing, that I hated supporting him, etc. He became livid at me when I told him he needed counseling. I told him I was going to bed as I had to go to work in a few hours and locked the bedroom door. The argument resumed the next day, as usual. As usual, he harassed me by phone at work, calling 5-7 times, making me upset in front of clients, and getting angrier when I would hang up on him or not answer the phone at all.

December 5, 2009 My dad’s transplant – I received a call from my mom saying that they had a liver for my dad and that he was going into surgery so I needed to get to Northwestern Hospital downtown. We were so excited. My father had non-alcoholic liver disease from being diabetic. I spent much of fall 2009 testing to be a donor for my dad but was turned down. I was very emotionally drained from dealing with this. During that time, Mike was very angry that I was spending so much time at the hospital and away from him. Anyway, when I got the call, I was sitting on the floor crying because my dad was going to have his transplant. Mike was very angry at me and demanded to know why I was crying. He didn't understand the human feeling I had concerning my father. A 3 hour argument ensued about how I didn't care for him, the sexual interrogations happened, etc just like “normal.” I was unable to see my dad before he went into surgery because my husband was yelling at me for hours. I had to say goodbye to my dad on the phone.

November 2009/December 2009 - Two Examples Where Mike took out his anger at others on me - In November, he made me go to and pay the costs to go to the NSM event in Phoenix. This was the last event I attended. While at dinner, someone told the waiter that it was Mike’s birthday and they had the waitstaff sing to him. Mike hated this, became very irate, and blamed me. He yelled at me the whole way back to the hotel and left me in the room all night by myself. He also woke me at around 5am to ridicule me even more. December 24, he forced me to go with him to Minnesota to visit his family in a blizzard for Christmas, even though this was the last Christmas when my father would be alive. His brother in law told a joke that Mike took personally. I laughed at it and he became very irate, yelled at me. He also freaked out when he learned that his mom emailed me and he even sat over me, making me log into my email and block her email address. I was not allowed to interact with his family and he would not permit them to have a wedding party for us.

Sept, 2009 (Labor Day weekend), Mike made me attend an event hosted by a violent skinhead group. At this event, an act of violence occurred that terrified me. This was my first and last time seeing violence. My husband yelled at me because I went to the hotel room to get behind a locked door and didn't “stay with my man.” He didn't care that I was terrified. He told me I needed to learn how to fight. I said that wasn't going to happen. I also learned that weekend that a “CI Pastor” kicked in his wife’s face after he accused her of cheating on him (I doubt she really did) and my husband thought it was perfectly acceptable to treat a woman that way. I was present during the conversation when this was discussed. This scared me. I told him I wanted to go home. After the Sept event is when my anxiety attacks really hit and I started having nightmares where Mike would kill me. This happened several times per week. I started taking action to leave then. However, in October, 2009, my father got very sick from non-alcoholic liver disease and I became absorbed in trying to become his liver donor. I took a lot of tests and was turned down in November. He had a transplant in December.

He told my dad he was backing away from the group and I agreed to marry him in May, 2009. I figured I could deal with his politics while he was transitioning into a normal life since he wasn't engaging in violence or illegal activity. I loved Mike, saw his kinder side, and figured that with some TLC that he would easily transition into a normal lifestyle. He ended up going overseas to work and started talking about how he enjoyed talking to the Black women & his staff from Asia while he was in Iraq during the previous year. Mike was back in Iraq from May – August 2009.

Two months after we were married, he quit his job and was planning a rally. He never worked while we were married and used me as a financial slave. He put a huge confederate flag in the back of his truck window – parked it in front of my house in my upper middle class neighborhood! I was so humiliated & isolated. I begged him to remove it. I could not have normal people in my house because of the shame. My daughter could not have friends over. Once, some kids came over to take her to a birthday party and Mike chased them away and called them racial slurs because they weren't white. I found out about this after Mike was already out of the house. Shortly afterward, my daughter started having anxiety attacks and talked about being bullied. She never wants to see him again."


COMMENTATE: Mike J. Schloer (Jeff Schoep's drinking buddy) destroyed his wife's emotions so bad during their marriage that she eventually converted to being a open Jew and is gleefully aiding the enemies of National Socialism. Now that's bad!  That was her way to deal with the crappy abuse he had done to her. Geez! Way to go Schloer you sick pervert and mental case.


In addition, I remember when NSM Georgia leader Chris Drake had a headquarters building (old radio station) awhile back in Georgia and Mike Schloer was there and was too lazy to work and pitch in for the bills which finally made the situation intolerable and Mr. Drake lost the building because of it. Wherever Schloer goes disaster follows.

(click here) to read from Mike J. Schloer's former wifes blog.

(click here) to read about the race-mixing Jeff Schoep did.


National Socialist Miscegenationists

Miscegenation (; from the Latin miscere "to mix" + genus "kind") is the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations, and procreation.


------------------------------------- said...

This makes me both angry and tired. Here we are trying to build a SERIOUS National Socialist organization and we have these woman-hating idiots dragging us down.

Every now and again I get emails from Anti's who are obviously confusing the ANP with the NSM. Either that or they think we're all alike.

For example, one person said, "You all look like assholes in your WW II uniforms." I knew that even though the NSM have changed their uniforms, he was talking about them. I emailed him back explaining his confusion and gave him the NSM's URL. He wrote back and said he's still against everything we stand for but apologized for the confusion.

It's frustrating enough these days trying to do serious work for our cause without having to be mistaken for these beer guzzling womanizers on top of it all.

Dan Schruender
Political Advisory Board
American Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

That Sloer guy reminds me of Frankenstein!

Anonymous said...

You folks in the ANP are the only real NS org there is in the U.S., we laugh at these posers over here, are you sure they aren't paid stooges for the jews? If not, they ought to be!

Mike's Ex Wife said...

Hi Taylor,

I am enjoying a really REALLY wonderful life now. I have been a bit hesitant to post a reply since I don't wish to contribute to the "As the Swastika Turns" melodramatic circus. But, someone mentioned that they didn't know where the info that you published came from. So, I thought I'd do something that is rarely done in the white power movement and provide a clear answer.

The info published here was taken from the petition for the order of protection and a 10 page statement that I gave to my attorney to be entered as evidence if my divorce were contested. Since Schloer ran off to Kentucky after conning a local Catholic church into helping him, he did not show to defend himself for either the hearing for the plenary (permanent) order of protection or the divorce itself. I was granted both very quickly and received the divorce on grounds of mental cruelty. I also received all of my premartial assets (house, car, etc), but there is still the question of Mr Schloer's truck (which is marital property & half mine). This is all evidenced by court documentation, which I believe is public record. Anyone should be able to get a copy.

Why do people stay with the NSM & why do they attract weirdos? It's kinda culty, isn't it? With the uniforms, being excluded from the rest of society, and being fed the party line - ooh, you're a race traitor or a Jew if you have an original thought. God forbid, you criticize "Dear Leader" or ask for a freaking balance sheet. Also, the group attracts people who have narcissistic personalty disorder and/or sociopathic tendencies. Look how they treat each other & their kids! I probably shouldn't be telling you this but your movement - but I think you already know - would be better off if you got rid of the sociopathic, "I hate society," tattooed bald headed element and just act like the people next door! Stop the costume play like some fetish club and act like a political group.

I have noticed that ANP is acting more like a legitimate 3rd party political group, like the LP and Green parties. Even though we disagree on much, you have the right to your opinion and I do admire the fact that you want to rid your movement of the weirdo element.

Mike's Ex Wife said...

To Anonymous,

No, they aren't paid. If they were, Schloer wouldn't be broke off his ass hopping from couch to couch and Schoep wouldn't have to be supported by a fetish model while he works on his "businesses." Both of them need to get big boy jobs.

Yes, they really are that dumb.

Anonymous said...

National SATANIST Miscegeninationists is more like it! I knew that when Schoep welcomed in those satan bastards that the end of the NSM was near. What a fucked up bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...

Always be very, very wary of those who make a big deal about 'looking the part' be it the Hollywood Nutzi or bonehead.

There is an acceptance that skinheads are to be welcomed because they are sincere and are 'warriors', the truth is that they alienate our people and are in the main gutless, gangbanging cretins of the highest order!

National Socialist salutations to all at ANP!


Anonymous said...

At least there is one redeeming factor in having in existence a bunch of Hollywood Nutzies and that is its helpfulness in letting us know which crazies need to be avoided. Unfortunately this is outweighed by the fact that these shills disparage the National Socialist Cause.

Boneheads are also a counter productive element, it is only they who term themselves 'warriors' the rest of the world see them as the gutless, gangbanging bully cretins that they invariably are.

NS Salutations to all at ANP!