Redneck Shop!

One of the last physical structures of the pro-White Movement has recently been in the news regarding a lengthy and intricate tug-of-war ownership battle between a mealy-mouthed agitating negro preacher and the Klan owner of the Redneck Shop housed in the former Echo Theatre. Recently, the local court granted the right of ownership to the negro preacher (No big surprise as the Southern USA turns more non-White).  Of course, there is an appeal process which can keep the case going another 10 or 20 years and even overturn it.

Anyhow, nothing changes at all. As long as the Redneck Shop owner is alive he can operate his business in the building and the American Nazi Party can hold its activities there as well. The sky did not fall and the ground did not opened up.

If you have never been to the Redneck Shop, you should go there one Saturday. The store is filled with Confederate items along with KKK and National Socialist items as well.  Military flags, bumper stickers, belt buckles, and NS daggers are sold there. In the back part of the building is a NS/KKK museum and meeting hall. 

Redneck Shop
108 West Laurens Street
Laurens, SC